Treatment of Hair Fall

Treatment of Hair Fall

There is a universal concern on everyone’s lips today, HOW TO DECREASE HAIR FALL AND INCREASE HAIR REGROWTH.

I am going to tell you about Hair, Hair fall, How to prevent the Hair fall, How to regrow your hair and Maintain it.

I would like to tell you something about hair is truly called the CROWNING GLORY. And we all want that crowning glory because it gives us lots of self-confidence it improves our self-steam.

These people who have that crowning glory will agree with me and people who are losing it will definitely want back.

Now before we go to causes of hair fall and other things, let me tell you something about Hair.

We all are born with 1 lakhs hair follicles on our scalp at birth. As we grow older this decreases with age but, remember each strand of hair is varied. Some of us each strand is thick that is again genetic it’s hereditary and when we have that each strand which is thick it looks as we have definitely 2 lakhs hair on our scalp.

There are some who have each strand as very fine hair and their one lakh hair looks fifty thousand. But all of us have the same number of hair on our scalp.

Each hair goes through a cycle. It has a growing cycle,

A resting cycle

Shedding cycle

The growing cycle is pre-programmed and that is your destiny.

Each hair grows for about 2 to 6 years and it rests about a week and it sheds.

Hair grows 1cm in a month.

Now let me tell you about hair fall which anyone has nowadays and everyone want to stop.

Approximately 30 to 100 hairs fall per day it is normal and generally goes unnoticed because you may drop it in the bathroom, you may have some hair left in the comb, you may have hair on the pillow. This is generally going unnoticed but also you have an equal amount of hair regrowth hence there is no scantiness on the scalp because the hair fall equals the hair regrowth.

If you have noticed hair fall this is excessive then definitely it is more than 100 per day.

Pinch a little bunch of hair between your index finger and thumb and give it a little tug and if it is less than 6 hairs come out it is not so bad it is almost normal but, if more than 6 hairs come out in your pinch that means you do a hair fall.

Now come to the treatment of hair fall.

Treatment of hair fall totally depends on the cause of hair fall which I have explained in my previous post very deeply.

If it is because of stress so, learn to relax.

Types of Treatment.

1] Medication.

A] oral

B] Topical


There are medications that can be bought over the counter that may help treat hair loss. You can use tablets which contains vitamins, minerals iron, folic acid, Biotin, copper, zinc and selenium etc.

Topical treatment.

A] Minoxidil

This is a very popular hair treatment to stop hair fall. It comes in liquid form as well as foam form. The topical solution must be rubbed onto the scalp twice daily. This stop hair from falling and promotes hair regrowth. Treatment should be followed for long periods and whenever ones stop the result vanishes.


B] Anthralin [dritho scalp]

This is an ointment applied to the scalp and then washed off after a certain amount of time. This cream may take 6 to 12 months to show any significant results.


C] Aminomar C [viviscal]

Using aminomar C with supplement for 4 to 6 months has shown hair to become stronger.


2] Corticosteroids.

This is injected into the scalp to stop hair fall. This method works quickly although if there is rapid hair loss.

3] Mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment that helps to cure baldness in both males and females. It is the process which regulates the protein vitamins and other minerals and growth factor in the scalp. This is done by injecting in the least painful way with the help of injecting gun.


4] Low-level laser therapy. [LLLT]

LLLT is a therapeutic exposure to red or near infrared radiation. The laser heat activates heat shock proteins, increases tissue oxygenation and increases blood flow.


5] PRP [Platelet rich plasma]

It is actually a serum which is rich in platelet and platelet is rich in growth factor so, when we inject into the scalp it really stimulates blood circulation, makes new cells and helps the hair to grow in thickness, texture and quality. The thickness is improved in just one session but PRP doesn’t work in complete baldness.

6] Derma Roller

To achieve the best result in treating hair loss you can combine derma roller plus minoxidil or other hair loss treatment. Use a shorter needle length derma roller [0.2mm to 0.5mm].


7] Hair Transplant.

Hair transplant is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body [donor site] to a balding part of the body [recipient site]

This is all about the treatment of hair fall. Keep your questions coming I am happy to help you all.




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