Hair Fall

There is a universal concern on everyone’s lips today HOW TO DECREASE HAIR FALL AND INCREASE HAIR REGROWTH.

How much we know about hair fall?

Here are the causes of hair fall

  • Physical causes that means any assault or anything on the physical body.
  • You are what you eat.
  • Your hair is what your system is.


So, now physical causes we came to the commonest one is any illness.

If you are taking any medicine, some antidepressant medications like lithium they lead to hair fall.

Remember there are some people who load themselves with a lot of vitamin A. Excess vitamin A can leads to hair fall so, stop.


And some people who got malignancy and they are on the chemotherapy that also causes hair fall. But these are all, of course, the chemotherapy is all temporary. This is physical assault and the physical causes of hair fall.

  • If there is any deficiency in the body if there is any problem in the body it is going to reflect in the blood supply which is going to the root and that is how it will affect and cause hair fall or any problem which you will face.
  • Now coming to deficiencies.
  • Deficiencies commonest is Iron deficiency in India. I am seeing a lot and that is Iron deficiency. Very common in Indian women and of course in certain Indian men also. So, Indian women because we all know that when we have an excessive very heavy period and we don’t supplement with iron so, we definitely have iron deficiency. So, the commonest in deficiency is iron deficiency.
  • Protein deficiency this is common in vegetarian but it’s not that it’s uncommon in non-vegetarian also. We do see that.
  • Zinc deficiency is also one of the causes of hair fall and then of course of micro deficiencies of mineral like selenium, copper, other important ingredients so, this is the deficiencies which cause hair fall.
  • Then I come to one of the most important that is hormonal causes of hair fall. The commonest is Thyroid abnormality. There are many people who if they stud enough If they have any change in hair quality or in the hair fall one of the most important cause is thyroid that is hyperthyroid or hypothyroid.
  • Now in hypothyroidism or hyperthyroid, the first thing is hair fall. There are many people the other symptoms of thyroid, increase weight decrease weight, tiredness but, they will not bother so much but the moment they get hair fall they are really upset and agitated so yes you do or you should pay heat to the hair fall because there could be an indication of thyroid abnormality.
  • There are other causes that are a hormone causes and the very common now a day in Indian women and that is PCOS. This is very common and of course the cause of all these in today’s lifestyle. I can talk Mumbai and India is stress, wrong diet, and no exercise.
  • The next we came to mental stress and emotional stress. Now mental stress is when anyone has exams or if anyone has got married and adjustment problem with husband, with mother in law. And then we come to the emotional stress. Emotional stress also causes a hair fall that could be if they had any bereavement in the family if they had divorced, if there any separation from parents or anything like that so, this xhair-loss-due-to-stress.jpg.pagespeed.ic_.qs7_JBEQiM.jpg
  • Now, how to do these mental stress and emotional stress, they cause a release of certain hormone there an adrenal gland overactivity which causes a hormonal imbalance and that could lead to hair fall. Any assault or any cause which I mentioned physical, emotional, mental all of them will lead to hair fall but, it’s not that it will be soon after. If someone has had an exam or is giving an exam in the month of April they are not going to get a hair fall in April itself that is time lag that is the period that means if their exams in April the stress has occurred the mental stress has occurred by the time the root get decreased blood supply. Roots are compromised for it to translate into a hair fall.
  • There is a lag of 2 to 3 months. Many people came and tell me, Doctor, I got hair fall so then I questioned them have you had any exams or have you undergone any crash diet? Which one of the most common cause of hair fall. So, they will say no, no, no, I am not done, I eat well, I eat everything then I questioned them those 2 to 3 months ago? Did you go to any crash diet? Oh yes I went on a diet of only having juice for 8 days, only having water for 8 days or only having some bland food for 8 days but yes , if you even those 8 days you compromise on protein or Iron or any of your carb or any of these products the root has suffered this has translated into hair fall 2 to 3 months later. So, remember there is an always a time lag of 2 to 3 months between the cause and the effect. So, this is very very important. I hope my talk is helped you to go from hair fall to hair regrowth. Keep your questions coming. I am happy to help you all. Until next time stay tuned stay glamorous.….
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