Body Acne and Its Treatment

Body Acne and Its treatment

Acne or a pimple is one of the most psychological distressing common problems which all of us have faced at some point in our life.


This is all about body acne and its treatment.

Thankfully in most of the people, is restricted to the face but in some, we do get in on the back, the chest, the shoulder and the arms, the buttocks’ and the thighs, in short, all over the body except palms and soles which do not have any oil glands.

Body acne is seen more commonly in males but, it is also seen in females who have associated hormonal problems especially PCOS that is [poly cystic ovarian syndrome]


1] Increase the level of the male hormone that is testosterone which you see even in females especially who has PCOS.

2] This results in increased sensitivity or overactivity of oil glands which produces a lot of oil and which tends to get blocked.

3] A lot of people when they wax their body especially the back and the shoulders, they all come up with red angry zits and this starts about 5 to 7 days later after the waxing. So this is post waxing acne.

4] Now this is seen especially in the shoulders. Now a day’s people carrying heavy school bags backpacks and the sight of friction you will get this frictional acne.

5] Now a day’s youngsters or even old people when they wear tight fitting gens so you will see acne at the sight of friction, especially on the buttocks and thighs.


Many youngsters are told by the elders that do not cheat acne, it will go away by itself. But I bet to differ only a few mild cases of acne or a pimple go away by themselves.

All the other facial acne and body acne especially require treatment otherwise you will be left with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, spots and residual scarring which can be very depilating.

So please go ahead for treatment by the dermatologist.


Treatment of the acne will depend on the cause. Identify the cause especially if it is because of friction. Stop wearing tight clothes, avoid carrying heavy backpacks.

If the cause is waxing go in for lasers hair removal which now a day is very effective.

If the cause is a hormonal problem if PCOS is there then definitely needs long-term treatment.

Acne or a pimple does get worse with the stress so, learn to relax. Exercise, do yoga avoid anything which comes in packets, refined food or what we call is food with a high glycemic index especially things which are made of maida and sugars.

Go back to your mother recipes and having upma, khakra and poha.

Many people go to the gym and they come back and they sit with wet cloths. Do not do that. Moment to come back to the gym head for the shower, change into cotton breathable cloths.

Types of treatment

1]one is the local treatment that is in the clinic treatment it is chemical peels is a salicylic acid peel they cause a little exfoliation but mild exfoliation under supervision they will help to heal your acne faster.

2] We do also have lasers they have to be used under medical supervision.

3] Hormonal causes or even acne which is severe we do require to give them topical treatment as well as oral treatment.

4] You can use benzoyl peroxide washes you apply it on the chest, on the back in or showers. Leave it on 5 to 10 minutes let it act on your skin.

This helps to exfoliate the acne, unblocks the pores and it also an antibacterial for the acne lesion.

5] In addition apply creams which contains tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide even glycolic acid also helps in treating the existing lesion of acne.

Remember body acne stays with you with minimum 4 to 6 months It does not go away in 1 or 2 months so, you have to be patient.


Take the right treatment at the right time and do not worry.

Till next, stay tuned, stay glamorous.


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