Acne Face Mapping


Skin is only a mirror it reflexes your internal health.


I am here to tell you on face mapping. All of all must be heard of acne vulgaris or the common acne which occurs during teenagers that is from 13 to 18 years of age that is common acne.

But some of you all at the age of 20 to 25 must be still wondering, why do you keep there in acne or pimples or zits at the same spot and it keeps so recurring.

Today, I will help you identify the causes of that persistent acne occurring at the same spot.

First of all, we divide the face into sections


It is dividing into the forehead;

it is divided into the area between the eyebrows and the eyebrows,

The Nose

The Cheeks

Around the mouth

And the perioral region chin and the jawline.

These help to identify why pimples are occurring at the same recurring spot?

Sometimes you have many zits all on the forehead and they are caused by the fungus.

The fungus not which you are thinking of. This is the fungus which is normally present on the skin and on the scalp and tends to overgrow in times of humidity or stress. And it migrates down on to the forehead and along the hairline margin and this is called pityrosporum folliculitis.

Now when this is seen, all you have to do

A] Wash your hair twice or 3 times of week with an antidandruff shampoo.

B] Stay away from too much sugars

C] Stop applying any applications like greasy application on the scalp because this is not agreeing with you and this is promoting the overgrowth of this,

Next, we come to the eyebrows, some people get deep pimples or deep zits under the eyebrows and that is a] because stress, b] if there are too much sugars in their diet. So stay away from refined food.

Next, we come to the Nose, the nose the most prominent area of the face. Now, this sometimes you will see just a general redness and occasionally this redness seen on to the cheeks or sometimes you may get zits or some pimples on the nose and this is called Rosacea.


This happens because of acidity in the stomach. Rosacea can occur periodically again and again. So for that, you have to be a bit more careful, take a little bit more precaution.

1] Use a mild face wash.

2] Use sunscreen.

3] Topical application of metronidazole and azelaic acid helps the redness and helps to plan the pimples forming on the nose.

4] It can occur because of stress, sunlight, spicy food, spirits, too much alcohol.

5] And the 3 C’s [ coffee, cheese,chocolates]

Stay away from these all factors and you are going to clean your nose.

Secondly, sometimes people have a lot of rash on the cheeks small red dots they keep getting into that because of too much sunlight.

See at the age of 20 or 22 they have only blackheads and whiteheads and this is because of application of comedogenic creams or makeup which has not agreed with their skin and this knows by the name of Acne cosmetic.

So what you have to do is you have to stay away from greasy cosmetics or people who got this recurrently anything they applying on their face the creams should say Noncomedogenic. And yes you do get creams to say noncomedogenic. You do get makeup to say noncomedogenic and stay away from creamy cosmetics and you can use liquid or lotions.

Now a day ’s everyone has a cell phone, we have a lot of people coming with acne on the sites of the ears that is because constant use of the cell phone so, this is either use the hand free, wipe your phone regularly.

And this also causes by friction. Because when and hold the phone when you wear anything which is coming friction on the skin that breaks the sweat glands or oil glands and that leads to the zits or the acne.

You can use antibacterial face washes and these antibacterial face washes also will help


If you got acne coming up around the mouth that is zits all around the mouth this is called ‘perioral dermatitis’ and this is because of some people who have oily skin they apply a lot of greasy cosmetics, a lot of creams, too much of fats, too much of sugars in their food. These lead to an overgrowth of gram-negative organisms. Thefore this leads to what we called as gram-negative Folliculitis.

This is a might off course when this occurs when see occurring constantly around the mouth you need to see your dermatologist.

Because then you need to prescribe the medicine but stay away from sugars and stay away too much greasy food and application of greasy creams on your face.

You do see people on the chin getting a lot of zits and on along the jawline. And some people just get one week before the periods and this is hormonal acne.

And this is almost occurring to PMS that is the premenstrual syndrome. And entity where you need to find out exactly when it occurs. If these deep pimples or deep zits there are definitely a hormonal cause. And in the girl, it is Pcos[polycystic ovarian syndrome].

Rarely abnormality of the Thyroid gland also gives rise to deep zits along the jawline and the chin.

I going to now add over here it’s not a zit but some people do get a lot of redness along the nose or redness and scaling of eyebrows and on the eyelashes. This is what we called Seborrheic Dermatitis.

But the conclusion is that this is because of too much sugars, too much rich food, greasy food and too much alcohol. So stay away from it and your skin will glow.

Acne products will help you if you have existing zits creams containing benzoyl peroxide or Adapalene helps and faces washes which help any acne which is on the face is salicylic acid face wash. You can use that twice a day. So now when you see your acne or zits coming, again and again, recurring at the same spot face map them.


Identify the cause eliminate it because until you eliminate the cause one not going to be free from the acne ever.

Treat yourself; apply the right things, free from wrong foods from the diet, stay away from the culprits and you are going to get the glowing skin.

Until next time, Stay tuned stay glamorous.



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